Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taxi Travel in Beijing

Taxi Travel is a guaranteed  different experience than almost any other city in the world. Traffic rules? There are none! Road rage? Prohibited! Driving in Beijing is crazy; the drivers make the most absurd decisions - a Mac truck cutting another driver off the road without using a turn signal, weaving in between lanes, or packing a truck with materials so tall that looks like a shaking sky scrapper! Therefore the constant speed on the highway doesn't seem to pass 65 MPH.

The first thoughts that crossed my mind once I had taken a taxi in Beijing was," Why in the world am I going to put my safety in the hands on this taxi driver ?" Well, I soon learned that living in Beijing demands a risky personality. Quick to adjust and a flexible mindset is a must when living in the Chinese environment. Not everything tastes as it appears, and not everything looks at it appears. To hop in the hands of a taxi driver to get you from point A to B probably is one of the safer options in your travel through the city of 22 million people.

The Taxi drivers from my experience are mostly true Beijingers that were born in Beijing, and grew up here, and usually know were to take you without using a GPS. Because these handy devices will not be found in any taxi! HOWEVER! Be warned that some taxi drivers that will take your money and take you on a giant Mr. Toads wild ride. You could find yourself far from your destination and lighter in your pockets. Enraged, you will slam out and find a new taxi.

Can an American student live on a diet of Monkey Brains in China?

This is a test post. I plan to be writing about a post a week about my experiences as a student in China